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haipp you all !

tekalah mana satu saya !

welcome to CHEESECAKE OREO blog. sodap kan name blog nie. ade rase macam nak makan tak? ade rase macam nak makan pelempang tak, Fatin? ohh. oke sorry. I am Fatin Aqilah. name ayah tak perlu lah rasenye. im doing this blog just to have fun. sorry if it is quite BORING. i dont have a talent like other bloggers. just being my self is happy for me. you see those picture? yess. yang belah atas, im at the right. and that two pepole is jieya and myra. dan yang belah bawah, im in the middle and that two person at my side is  mel and myra. they are my best ever besties. happy giler ade kawan macam dye org. sometimes, they annoying and sometimes they crazy. i very love them till i die. woahhh. crazy haa my words. till i die? haha. oke. and not forgetting my dearest Capital Letter A. yeahh. my heart is taken. and woahhh. who's that? haha. no need to know lahh. such a busybody guys lahh korang nie. then, i thnk only this i wanna say. have fun yeah in my blog. do visit me often. hoyeahh. kalau nak tanye pape, sile PM i di facebook oke? don't forget to follow me at twitter.

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