#1 quote: a rainbow will come after a rain

hye peeps;

now, i want to explain this quote. a rainbow will come after a rain. rainbow is the symbol of our happiness and the rain is a symbol of our difficulties. kebahagian itu akan datang selepas kesusahan. takkan Allah nak hambanya bergoyang kaki untuk mendapat sebuah kebahagiaan. such as, if i want 9A's in PMR, so my efforts is study, study and study. and i cannot stop study until that day come. Allah akan memberi kebahagiaan atas hambanya yang berusaha. dan Allah juga akan memberi sesuatu  mengikut usaha yang kita tonjolkan.

p/s; a short entry i guess. but, there are some meaning you can take. hoyeah. forgot to tell lahh. this is my drawing and i had put my trademark at the bottom. yeah. a simple trademark because i can know my drawing if you erase it or what.

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